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Shades of Women

When mythology meets art and celebrates women

Navratri 2018

A simple thought of sending Navratri greetings led to a thought provoking discussion which then turned into an illustrative project.

Navratri is the time when Durga, the Mother Goddess of the Hindus is celebrated for 9 days where 9 of her manifestations called navdurga, are celebrated. We felt the relatability in the modern day woman which is being reflected through these 9 forms.

We have tried to use our imagination to interpret the different aspects of Durga associated with each day to illustrate women in modern day, which we call the Shades of Women.

As we celebrate womanhood, we not just acknowledge the forms of woman, but also take the opportunity to celebrate all those women who have dared to be brave and strong enough to retain their originality and uniqueness and stood against the norms that tend to easily influence/adulterate the world.

A Project by Cartoon Mango